кварцевая ступень

Quartz Slabs are glued together with various specifications of natural quartz sand with special requirements. The hardness is as high as 7, and the section has glass luster or fat luster. The specific gravity varies depending on the crystal type. It will not be scratched in daily life and is acid resistant.Artificial quartz slab is a synthetic stone with the pattern and texture of natural stone manufactured by artificial methods. Its characteristics are: high strength, pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, not fragile, the surface is not easy to scratch hard objects, color and pattern simulation It has strong performance, and its texture and decorative effect are completely comparable to natural granite. The appearance of the color pattern is uniform, which can avoid the color difference of natural stone, and is convenient for large-area paving. It is currently an ideal building decoration material. Quartz SlabsOur company's quartz slabs mainly include Calacatta 8068 and Calacatta 8093. These two types of quartz slabs are the best-selling colors from our Vietnamese quartz factory, with unique textures and strong durability. If you need it, you can contact us.Calacatta 8068Calacatta 8093